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Love family / Trip Advisor / 2017

"Best Boat rental on Paxos"

We hired a self drive motor boat from Panos boat hire in Loggos, we initially were going to spend one day on the water but after our first day we booked the boat for a further five days. The staff at Panos hire gave us an initial lesson and very concise information about what to expect weather wise and how to handle the boat in relation to visiting the 3 main ports on the island. We were travelling with an 18 month old boy and Panos hire provided us with a very good life jacket, and the staff were amazingly helpful with us when it came to loading a buggy and the usual bags of baby stuff onto the boat. Any questions we had were answered in detail and we felt completely safe and comfortable that any problems would be dealt with professionally and quickly. The boat we had was amazing and gave us no problems, having spoken to other visitors to the island we found that one other rental company had been having problems with their boats ( as we had a small child on board with us I a glad we chose Panos hire ). It may be luck of the draw but Panos seem to have a well maintained fleet of boats. I would certainly recommend Panos hire to anyone visiting Paxos and particularly if you have children, their staff are amazing, boats are faultless and they most definitely made our holiday. Thank you everyone at Panos Hire. X

Trip Advisor / 2017


We have been hiring small boats to look around the coast of Greek islands for 29 years. In that time we have never had such a well equipped boat, good instructions on using the boat and what to do in the case of emergency and attention to detail. We had a great day and then the lovely Panos showed us where we had been by using his gps. Panos, Chrysopigi and their helpers are all very friendly and helpful. Strongly recommended.

Trip Advisor / 2017

"A blissful day exploring Paxos"

We have rented boats on Paxos before but the service and care provided by Panos and the team exceeds all previous experiences. We particularly felt that the safetly advice was excellent. A novel use of GPS is provided by merging the exploration of the island with Google Earth, enabling us to relive the experience once the trip was over. We would highly recommend Panos Boats.

Trip Advisor / 2017

We took a boat few weeks ago at Pano´s Boats and the experience was excellent! The service was great and the team was always looking after us and making sure we were ok and ready to take the boat. Also they recommended us the places to see and the route to go to don´t miss any of the fantastic places from Paxos and Antipaxos. HIghly recomended!

Trip Advisor / 2017

"Lifetime Experience"
Everything was amazing! Everybody was professional and extremely helpful. I really recommend it. Looking forward to the next time!

Trip Advisor / 2017

"Couldn't recommend enough"

This is the second year in a row we have used Panos, and both times have been flawless: - Panos and Chrysopigi are very polite and useful, providing detailed instructions before heading off - very clear health and safety/boat handling advice, and potential routes for us to take - The boats are in fantastic shape - seemingly new and we had no issues - The sights which can be visited with the boats are incredible (see some photos attached) with not only Antipaxos and the towns Lakka and Gaios; but also the west of the island Caves, Cliffs and Arches I have hired both the 30hp Ericusa, and the 175hp Triton; and both boats were fantastic. Fuel was reasonably priced, and the rates were very good considering the quality of their boats. Following the trip, we were sent an online dynamic map of our entire day trip, with all the spots we stopped at etc. This was great to receive and look back on - very nice bespoke feature! For both couples and families, I highly recommend Panos - I will be returning in the future 100%

Trip Advisor / 2017

"Excellent professional service"
We hired a small boat for the day, as we only had a little boating experience. We explored the island by sea and had a fantastic day out visiting quiet little coves to snorkel. Very easy to find a cove of your own, so many to choose from! The company were fantastic, felt very safe taking one of their boats, plenty of checks and instruction before, very professional. We stayed in Gaios but would definately recommend travelling to Loggos to rent from Panos, fantastic service. Thank you for an awesome day out!

Trip Advisor / 2017

"Brilliant boats and service"

Great boats and expert advice on where to go and weather advice Panos and his staff do an excellent job

Sarah & family / 2017

"The best boats in Paxos"
Great service by Panos and his family. Always well looked after. Book ahead though if you want a big boat!

Yoni / 2017

"The best deal & Service"
My partner and i wanted to see the islands around, Paxos and antipaxos, without joining the crowded tourists cruises, we found the guidance, care and love of the people to the sea, rented a small boat to sail in between the islands, together with cooler that the company supplied, and very important guidelines, roles and very important recommendations. Bring shoes (if you want to stop somewhere to eat or walk around, lots of water, ice, snorkel equipment, some small food (from the bakery around of the corner), underwater camera, and go. It's the best way to see those beautiful islands, by yourselfs.

Paul & family / 2017

An extremely well organised, well equipped, efficient, friendly boat hire company. There are a number of companies to choose from and I'm sure they are all good but Panos exceeded our expectations and Christina is a shining star in customer service and relations. Thanks for the week of boaty fun guys!

Trip Advisor / 2017

"Must do in Paxos"
A boat is a necessity if you are holidaying in Paxos because access to the beaches around the island. The boats are in good condition. All the mileage is tracked via GPS. Panos will provide a full training whatever your level of experience. We rented 3 times during our holiday one boat and we enjoyed every moment. You have missed Paxos if you have not rented a boat.

Rob / 2017

"Great Day out in a relaible boat"
We had a wonderful day boating around Paxos and Antipaxos. Family of five (three adult sized children) fitted onto the recommended boat which was easy to use and comfortable. Impressed with the friendly staff, briefing and the back up. If you want a safe day on the water then rent a boat from Panos.

David / 2017

"Made the Holiday"
A boat is a necessity if you are holidaying in Paxos because access to the beaches adds so much. Panos provided us with two boats, both in very good condition and also provided a nightly refuelling service which saved a lot of time. Very pleasant people as well. We will use them next year.

Charlie / 2017

"Helpful friendly staff. Well maintain boats and reasonable prices."

The office is on the waterfront in Logos harbours. Panos and Chrysopigi are available from 9am every morning for an early pickup you can get the most from your your hire. All the mileage is tracked via GPS and the fuel is worked out from the total distance which is a fair process as it is impossible to tell how much fuel you have used without refuelling which is impracical and not a holiday activity. Panos will provide a full briefing on and off the water and is aways on his mobile when you need him. The boats are well looked after and come with all the maps and diagrams you need to navigate the busier harbours. You have missed Paxos if you have not rented a boat. The distances are not far and there are plenty of restaurants and secluded beaches that you would miss otherwise. I rented in Corfu a couple of years ago and the staff were so unfriendly that I dreaded picking up the boat in the morning - Panos is an experienced mariner who will put you at ease so that you can get on the water safely whatever your level of experience. I used an ICC (international certificate of competence from the RYA) to hire a 175 HP rib that cruised at 50kph. 20 mins to Anti-Paxos in reasonably flat water made the best beaches very accessible and I was able to take my 2 year old twins very safely.

Kurt Morreels / 2016

"Its not only hiring, its also service and quality @ Panos!!

Having a boat company myself for years I can tell you what go's well or not on a boat. While we decided to go on holiday to Paxos for its nature and beautifull bays I should rent a boat to do some exploring. Looking around for a decend boat rental, prices where not the only matter. When you go boating on the coast you need decent strong boats with a good hull that makes your boating comftable when there should be some waves....Whel Panos has that range, and not only the simple boats that just keep you above the water, but quality and performance boats that makes your boating at Paxos an adventure that will be loved by your wive, kids, friends ....AND safe! Bringing your boat to the local bay or harbour where your holiday starts, speeking clear English to explane you al the do's and dont's .....you should not look furher!! Great guy, great services, and correct price for each boat ! ( Belgium visitors)

Sophie O'Connor / 2016

You cannot go to Paxos and NOT get a boat! The best views are those crystal clear waters, and these are the people to rent from! Thanks for the boat on Saturday- we had a brilliant day :)

Samantha / 2016

"Great boat, great service"

We hired a small boat for an entire week (without licence) - Panos and his team couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating... It was perfect for the 2 of us, and allowed us to go all over the island

Alexander / 2016

"Very good people."

Fantastic boat hire, a little expensive but very good boats. They do both cheap and expensive boats. Friendly staff.

Nicky / 2016

Magnificent Day

We hired a 250hp boat (for which one of you has to have a valid boat licence) because we had two members that were afraid of the water. The most fantastic day was had by all. Beautifully maintained, great engine, very quiet and smooth, magnificent ride. We went all over Paxos, AntiPaxos and beyond. I cannot praise the hire company enough. Immediate service, quick and efficient explanation of the mechanisms and I gather, all day GPS tracking to make sure we did not get into trouble. I really recommend a day out in these big boats, they are so much more fun and comfortable than the normal 30HP boats in which one can only "putter". One drawback is the need for a licence.

CapnKegs / 2016

" 175HP RIB"

We decided to go for the 175 HP RIB because we could. Haha. It was amazing. Luxury fittings, sounds, it even has a shower. Best of all though was the speed, it's amazing.

GreenandGoldEngland / 2015

"Can recommend their boats"

We watched them clean and check their boats every day. Their training was excellent: they covered everything and explained things simply. They track you by GPS and you even have a panic button to alert them!

JorgoKostov / 2015

"Boat hire to remember"

There was no free boat to rent in Gaios, so we went to Logos, to Panos boat hire agency, we had an opportunity to hire a boat for reasonable price, comparing to prices in Gaios. I had 20 minutes fast teaching course with instructions in open sea, because it was my first time to be a "captain". I made a whole circle around Paxos with the boat with several stopovers. Really unforgetable experience.

Stratoandy / 2015

"Wonderful boat hire"

Great boat, great service, great day! Panos and all the staff could not be any more helpful and nice to know they are on hand if you need them. First time any boat hire company has given proper tuition before setting off (it was a revelation on How to anchor properly!)

Anna / 2015

"Deap Blue Sea"

We had a lovely trip to anti Paxos with Yannis. The highlight was the dancing display as we idled in the shallow channel with crystal clear turquoise water. Very good value and a happy day.

Ncas / 2015

"Friendly place to rent a boat for a trip round the island"

Very helpful staff. Good safety briefing and demo by Panos in the harbour. Comfortable boat for four with sun-shade. Rental cost was 50E/day but you pay for fuel on return and this came to 44E but we did circumnavigate the island and go across to Anti-Paxos for lunch. All the boats are GPS tracked so they know where you are which could be useful if there's a problem... it also stops you nipping over to the mainland!

Susie Clark / 2015

The days we take the boats out are the highlights of our holiday, great fun and a fantastic way to reach gorgeous beaches and watch for dolphins which we have seen on a couple of occasions. A must do!