Renting a boat will give you a whole new perspective to your view of Paxos. You won't believe how many quiet bays and beaches you will find as you cruise along the coast. You could even have a beach to yourself for the day

Panos will provide full instructions by way of a lesson, safety advice, and provide you with a local map of Paxos and all points of interest. You all can enjoy a safe day, adults and children are able to get on board and just make the most of it.
If you drive a boat for the first time, we provide the best lesson including written handling instructions (the only one on Paxos!) and a test drive with no extra charge. You will see, its as easy as driving a car
The car park its next to our office and our boats

We would like you to enjoy your day out on sea and with Panos' Lessons and knowledge of the sea (as he has been renting boats for the last 15 years) we guarantee a wonderful and most of all safe experience for both adults and children.
Our boats and engines all meet the highest standards and are constantly upgraded, enabling us to provide a consistently first-class service year after year
Enjoy your day boating, and leave the hard work to us!