Booking Terms & Cancelation Policy - -

- Total cost is estimated by calculating and adding the days from the period chart, depending on the type of Boat. Each rental day starts at 9:00 in the morning and ends at 17:30 same day. Final cost includes boat rental, VAT, cleaning the boat after checkout and insurance for both boat and passengers.

- Rates do not include the cost of the fuel.

- 30% deposit of the total amount is required for validation of the rental. It is Non-Refundable if you cancel the reservation.

- The remaining 70% is paid 6 weeks prior rental period.

- Reservation which is cancelled one month before fare, no refund.

- A credit card (expire date and secure code), is needed to make a reservation.

- If the weather is bad due to high winds, lightning or very heavy rain and there is restriction from the local port authorities, we will call you to cancel and in that occasion money is refunded.

- If weather conditions are overcast and cloudy but no use of warnings are issued by the port authorities, your rental still stands for the day.

- We reserve the right to cancel any rental at any time due to extreme conditions deemed unsafe.

- Extension of boat rental happens only after agreement with “Panos Boats & Trips”.

- In case of inability to return the boat at the agreed date, time and place for any reason including bad weather, the renter is responsible for the charge of extra rental day if needed, captain, overnight, f&b and extra gasoline.

- If the boat is returned 15 to 60 minutes late, a 50.00€ fee will be charged.

- Operator of the watercraft is NOT allowed to consume alcohol - same rules apply as if you were on a road. Please be responsible.

- No drunk or disorderly conduct will be allowed or tolerated.

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